My excitement and my hope is to help others to be able to bring their good into the world, as I am…finally.

For much of my life, I never really believed in my music. I loved it and was committed to it, playing 4 hours a day, even as a kid, when I’d come home from school–self taught, self motivated. There was truly no stopping me! But it never once occurred to me that I could take my music seriously or have an impact on other people. So I never really gave my gift to the world. 

I didn’t realize the real reason why I didn’t care to share my music. I simply lacked the motivation to act on my passion, and life had a way of filling up all the space with other, “more important” things.

What changed for me is that I awakened out of the fear that made me feel separate from other people, and afraid of being seen by them. I went on a truly unique journey that unearthed many treasures of understanding in me:  what awakening is, what fear is, and how fears can be permanently resolved, through understanding what the mind actually needs to let down its barriers to love.

When love and fear truly meet, Love wins, every time. If only we can let love in and not merely skim the surface (as with positive thinking, prayer or practicing presence, but in ways that do not deeply penetrate the veil that clouds over the human mind.)

INVITATION… If you’d like to know more about these groundbreaking discoveries I’ve made, and how you too can discover how to unstick the “glue” that holds together the false self (or negative identity) with all of its fearful resistance to joy–and learn how to truly let love in, then please stay tuned to learn more!

TO INSPIRE YOU… Each of us is a treasure house of gifts and blessings beyond what most of us even believe is possible. Together, with these gifts, we will lift the planet out of its darkness and despair. Don’t ever believe otherwise. If you’ve ever been inspired to share something of great importance to you, chances are, you’re on the brink of a very special discovery, for you too have a valuable role to play.

Adventures in Love await you! 

~ Olivyea

Danielle Olivyea Christian

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