The Eden Era

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BUTTERFLY - whole~ The era we’ve all been waiting for is here! ~

It’s not that the answer hasn’t been here all along. The Eden Gateway is right here, and always has been. Gurus and spiritual teachers have been pointing to it for ages, saying “It’s here now, just choose” or “The kingdom of heaven is within you”.

So then why have many spiritual seekers grown complacent and cynical about waiting and hoping for an awakening that never really comes?  What’s been missing is a language adequate to break the coding of the mind. It’s very tricky! Our conditioning to view our thoughts as being either right or wrong (morally speaking) is the most crippling barrier that we face. It causes us to take the mind and its activities way too seriously, committing us to our self-definitions, giving thoughts authority to dictate who we are.

If you will recall the symbolic Garden of Eden story, it was this ‘knowledge of good and evil’ that banished humankind from the garden in the first place. Approaching the dilemma of the mind with any hint of judgment toward the mind at all is self defeating. Think of it like a mother attempting to calm her scared child who is sure there are monsters under the bed. How helpful is it really if the mother herself also believes that the monsters are real?

PEACOCK standing smallThis is why most forms of therapy, rewiring, religious and spiritual practices, including meditation, ultimately fail to bring about the awakening we’ve all heard is possible: they either yield temporary results, are just too difficult or take way too long. Most people lose hope and settle for “okay”. Many are so desperate for relief from their minds, they take soul-numbing anti-depressants to mask the problem. All efforts spent denying, silencing, examining or reasoning with an illusion of fear turn out to be ineffective methods of revealing our wholeness. What we really need is a way to actually resolve the mind’s conflict, without having to reason with it or avoid it.

The Eden Gateway does exactly this. It accurately addresses and meets the need directly; like a mother, turning on the bedroom lights to demonstrate that the monsters are not real. She’s much more convincing standing at the light switch than hiding under the blankets with the child!

The Eden Gateway is your very own portal back into harmony with nature, which is the way of unconditional Love. You can learn to send your fears, worries, doubts, judgments, obsessions, losses and all forms of unhappiness, out the door for good, in literally seconds or minutes. Even bodily symptoms like heaviness, tiredness and emotionally harnessed illness can dissipate quickly in the powerful presence of love. And once you witness again and again that your anxieties can melt away into nothing, you will understand by experience that the thoughts were never you.

That is what we need, ultimately, in order to enter into a new era. Not to be told what to think, or to follow a wild goose chase of esoteric teachings that take years to reveal the truth; but to be able to observe and learn first hand, by experience. The new era is about authority found within and self-trust. The only way that this can lead to anything but chaos (everyone following his or her own authority) is if we are unified as One…with one mind. This one mind is the divine intelligence of the heart. We each have one of those. We are all stewards of Earth and builders of the next era of human consciousness. Pointing to the Eden Gateway is my gift to any who are eager to leave behind illusions of fear and are ready merge with the Heart.ROSE LEAVES

 ~ Permanent solutions to illusions of fear ~

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