The Eden Gateway

FLOWER DECORATION LAVENDER darkThe Eden Gateway is about allowing something easy
and good to flow abundantly into your life, and about the soveriegn intention to let that change be permanent.

It takes minutes to learn and seconds to use to shed layers of fear and to quiet the mind, for good! How can something so simple be so effective? It is always true that the more advanced a technology, the smaller and easier it is to use!


EDEN KEY horizontalOlivyea has discovered how to open the powerful portal of the heart, which can be used to bend the strands of time. “Change takes time, they say.” But now you can prove yourself a master of time. You will use the portal of your heart to shift out of timelines where you are bound to things past, and into timelines where you fully embody Divine expressions of who you were meant to be (who you would have been in the absence of trauma).

There are a dozen ways to use the Eden Gateway and all of them involve the vehicle of your attention, focusing on the simplest and clearest thought or emotion that is visible from the surface–no complicated “digging” required! The result is the release of your body from carrying fragments of unwanted, energetic information, based in trauma. You feel this release at that same time that you glimpse a higher wisdom that gently, clearly guides you in your present situation. The logic of Love is always simpler than that of ordinary thought. Why not learn how to access it everyday?

Train your heart to overtake your fear and watch anxieties melt away! Forget the usual hours, months and years spent digging through the past and talking about your “issues”. Olivyea will teach you how to skillfully make complex emotional information clear, so that you can send it beyond the event horizon of thought, where it is uncreated forever, leaving the portal of your heart wide open for greater light to shine through.. 

Resolve more mental chatter and unrest each day, with lasting results, so that you can:

  • Feel your passion for life
  • Open your creative channel and enjoy all that you are
  • Feel peace in the midst of conflict (stop falling for illusions of conflict)
  • Access authentic, soul-satisfying, creative solutions
  • Bring a higher emotional intelligence into every experience.
  • Have an effortlessly quiet mind

What specific areas of your life would improve if you could end involuntary thinking and anxiety and be fully present in your moments? To name a few…

  • Stop freaking out over news stories and the never-ending political drama
  • Stop being triggered by your kids, your spouse, your family members or your ex
  • Allow yourself to feel fully loved in all the ways love is coming to you
  • Sleep better
  • Have better sex
  • Stop cravings for food, TV or other discouraging habits
  • End an unwanted crush; heal a broken heart
  • Stop putting off your creative ideas–stay focused!
  • Take the risk that’s so worth taking
  • Change your lifestyle
  • Stop being at the mercy of circumstances beyond your control
  • Stop feeling intimidated by grown up bullies…reclaim your authority
  • Be free from sound sensitivity and other sense related anxieties
  • Love yourself 100%
  • Change your perception of beauty
  • Get over a prejudice that creates division
  • Stop contributing to the conflict in this world
  • Know that your light is shining brightly
  • Leave regret behind and trust yourself fully
  • Forgive someone who hurt you and start fresh
  • Feel someone else’s joy (be free from lack and jealousy)
  • Grieve successfully and move forward in life

What can you finally do without?

  • Waste no more time digging through past memories for answers
  • Envision feeling safe without taking soul-numbing anti-depressants, etc.
  • Stop tolerating mediocrity, depression, stress or anxiety as normal
  • Stop feeling as if others have the answer, when the light is within you

Do you feel worthy of something more?

If you get that the discovery of a doorway to the heart is cause for a celebration of epic proportions, then join Olivyea in opening our eyes to the dawn of a new era and take your heart-awakening journey to the next level with The Eden Gateway.


The new era we’ve all been waiting for is here…